Thomas Anthony Lay

Thomas Anthony Lay author of Naeisus Book 1: The Age of Reckoning

About Thomas Anthony Lay

Thomas grew up in a village called Street in Somerset, UK. At the age of just 3, he decided he wanted to live with his father, Anthony ‘Tony’ Lay, which proved to be the foundation of his ambitious, full-of-life personality. His father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 47 and passed away just two months later, when Thomas was only 14. Although this loss weighed extremely heavily on Thomas, his determined mindset pushed him forwards, now propelled by a further desire to make his father proud.

After his father’s death, he lived with his grandmother, and at the age of 15, he discovered his talent for writing through school assignments that impressed his teacher and classmates. He pursued a career in IT and subsequently landed a full-time IT support job at the age of 18. It was during the slow, boring days at this job that Thomas realised that his talent was also his passion. It was also here that the world of Naeisus formed in his mind. At the age of 23, Thomas found work as an IT Technician at his old school, where he found the freedom and happiness to continue writing. It is here he found more motivation, inspiring the students to realise their own talents, and subsequently finished his first book in the Naeisus universe. At 24 he bought his own house in Glastonbury, UK, and continues to write for fun. Aside from writing, Thomas is an old school nerd and loves to play video games. His other hobbies include playing the guitar and cooking.

About The Age of Reckoning :a world of Naeisus story

The World of Naeisus is at war!

Each of the five unique races is relentless in its quest to be the first to uncover the six powerful crystal shards. King Areth of Man imposes a critical duty upon himself in response to frightening warnings uncovered during a night of historical research. Can he really be the one destined to reunite the world and restore peace to Naeisus? The psychopathically brutal Captain of the Forsaken has her own plans.

While the war rages on, something stirs beneath the ground; something from myth, far bigger and altogether more terifying than any of the denizens of Naeisus would believe. Can King Areth use the crystal to restore peace to Naeisus or is it The Age of Reckoning?

Thomas Anthony Lay on Writer Imperfect

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