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About Writers Unite!

“Writers Unite! was created as a safe haven for writers of all skill levels to interact with each other and share information about their craft. Since its creation in 2015, the group has grown to over 43,000 talented and inspiring members. . . .” – Jessica Fisette, “Foreward” Realm of Magic

About Realm of Magic

Here in the realm of magic, there are dragons, nymphs, assassins, elementals, witches, fairies. A myriad of stories . . . of love, adventure, mischief, vengeance, and warโ€”each one as unique as the author; each one with the power to transport you to a foreign realm of wonder and chaos, of legend and myth . . . of magic. This volume is your ticket to enter this fantastical realm through these portals, but be warnedโ€”there will be fire.

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Realm of Magic by Writers Unite

Meet the Realm of Magic Contributors

About Realm ofย Romance

In the Realm of Romance you’ll find love stories, happy-ever-afters, realistic romance, and everything in-between. Grab your coffee and settle in for a romantic getaway with Writers Unite! and the authors of Realm of Romance.

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