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Alicia Sophia is a 30-something punk rocker from Pittsburgh who followed her heart to the west coast where she majored in Creative Writing. She runs on caffeine and obscene language and still dresses like she did in high school. Alicia has been writing since she could pick up a pencil, and plans to pass away with a pen in her hand.

Alicia writes literary fiction with LGBTQ characters.Sophia, Alicia

143 love, loss, and other catastrophesAbout 1,4,3

Alicia’s debut novel 1, 4, 3  is nominated by the publisher for two GCLS Goldie Awards and the Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers program.

Cam stumbles home drunk, again. She doesn’t want to live inside Lee’s, Good Housekeeping inspired, picture-of-perfection anymore. With her spark for adventure reignited, Cam navigates through love, loss, and other catastrophes.

Readers all over the globe have gotten lost with Cam and found themselves along the way.


What others are saying about 1,4,3:

“I could not bear to put it down … one to remember, and read again, and again.” -Tracy Plath, author of Thicker than Water

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Enter on social media to win a chance for an autographed copy of Alicia Sophia’s debut novel 1,4,3

1,4,3 – love, loss, and other catastrophes.

Get lost with Cam, you just might find yourself along the way.

2 thoughts on “Alicia Sophia

  1. This girl can write!!


  2. 143 is a lesbian classic, like Carol or The Price of Salt. I think it will last for a long, long time.


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