The Quixotic Faction by Tony Kohler is Now Available

What if everything you know is wrong?

The Quixotic Faction is not for the faint of heart.

Tony Kohler brings us a hard-boiled conspiracy theory fiction novel that blends speculative fiction and alternate history, in the style of Ancient Aliens and L. Ron Hubbard, with crime and detective fiction readers of The DaVinci Code will find exhilarating.

Kohler takes the reader on a journey through speculative and alternate history to show the reader just how it all connects today. If you thought the Illuminati and Freemasons were secretive, wait until you meet The Quixotic Faction. – From the Publisher

QXF FB cover
Readers of conspiracy theory fiction will love Kohler’s work as it dives deep into speculative and alternate history — or is it our secret reality? The government in The Quixotic Faction may not want us to know the truth, but readers do not need Above Top Secret clearance to enjoy the world Kohler crafts within the pages of The Quixotic Faction.

Admiral Julian Kay, a Special Operations military adviser at Quantico, encounters a mystery when a long-time friend confides in him regarding a series of disappearances and a list of scientists, involved in the privatized space race which began in 2005. Twenty-four hours later his friend is killed in a suspicious car accident, and Admiral Kay sets out to locate some of the names on the list. With the help of his contacts and some top-secret equipment, he finds himself in a fight to save lives and protect people from an energy that should not even exist.

Director Victoria Carol is the head of a secret government organization, created in 1947 to protect the country from events that fall under the umbrella term “National Security.” When her daughter dies, Director Carol discovers that even with all her influence, the manner of her daughter’s death is being kept from her. She vows to use any and all means available, including her agency’s resources, to learn the truth and track down whoever was responsible.


“Intriguing and suspenseful.. I found myself angry as hell, laughing out loud, choking up and cheering. A gem of a book.” — Jacqueline Woodson, bestselling author of Brown Girl Dreaming

Above Top Secret Clearance Required
What if everything you know is wrong? Conspiracy thriller fiction at its best in The Quixotic Faction by Tony Kohler.


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